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Client Testimonials

"love her and this place. I've returned 3 times and keep going back." @Groupon #HappyClient Tracy R.

"Wonderful environment and great personality. I wish I wasn't moving, but if you are in Rio Rancho give her a chance, its worth it" @Groupon #HappyClient Hadiyyah M.

"She is very nice, asked what my skin care needs are, and she took her time" @Groupon #HappyClient Cara G.

"You can tell Monica cares about her craft and the client. She took extra time to even research what was particular to me. " @StyleSeat #HappyClient DJ B.

"Monica has a healing touch. Amazing facials and artful brows!!!" @facebook #HappyClient Stephanie M.

"Just had a fabulous relaxing facial with Monica, much needed she is the best!!" @facebook #HappyClient Roxanne C.

"Love my facials! @freshfacetherapeitics. Perfect for this winter weather!" @Facebook #HappyClient Amber L.

"Great service and results" @styleseat #HappyClient Myrna K.

"Monica does a great job ~ not only do I like the results of my facial, she's very informative, friendly, and the salon's atmosphere is very relaxing. I absolutely recommend her services!" @Styleseat #HappyClient Christina P.

"All procedures were effective and soothing. Owner does a great job other clients coming in after me had smiles on their faces and couldn't wait for their session to begin. I liked it best because therapist was never rushed with me even when she knew someone else was coming." @Groupon #HappyClient Cindy G.

"She exceeded my expectations during my chemical peel appointment. The face massage was incredibly soothing and the ambiance relaxed me instantly. " @StyleSeat #HappyClient Ting W.

"Monica listens, has great technique and suggests products according to your unique needs."

Karen R. @StyleSeat