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Is your skin feeling parched this Winter? Treat yourself to a rejuvenating seasonal facial!

Swiss Pine Facial (Limited Edition)

The Swiss Pine tree, known as King of the Alps, can grow and thrive at high altitudes, despite extremely harsh weather conditions. This woods-themed facial is inspired by Pinolumin™ (from the Swiss Pine Tree) to calm sensitive and irritated skin, visibly reduce redness, and protect the skin from the effects of environmental stress. X-Pressin™ optimizes the papain enzyme to offer exceptionally gentle, yet effective exfoliation. French Oak, White Birch, and Cedar offer woodsy benefits that neutralize free radicals, create a more even skin tone, and relieve tension in the skin. Through the protective, soothing, and nature-inspired actives, the skin is left relaxed and radiant.​

  •  Normal, Sensitive and Dry Skin types 

Facial near me


  • New clients first visit $58.00 for a 60 minute customized facial.  (Not applicable as a group rate) 
  • Schedule a recurring 60 minute or 90 minute facial monthly or massage and receive $10 off.
  • Receive a complimentary eyebrow wax or tint for your birthday. (When paying full price for another service).